C is for Coffee, Coffee gets me blogging.
Grandsons favorites, sweet rolls fresh from the oven at home.
Hot Sweet Jalapeno Brown Sugar Mustard Seed Pepper Relish Mason Jar Canning
Another way to earn on the net, images, pdfs and more.
Grown by the Blogger, Tammy Miller at SerendipityRipples Fluffy Hibiscus
No coffee before petting says Flower.
Cayenne Peppers in Recycled Buckets
Programmable Thermostat
Hamilton Playbill
Any key, shared by creative common license. Is this the key for you?
Super Hot Peppers
Bright Yellow Paste tomatoes, perfect for bright salsa and yellow catsup.
photo credit: Koi via photopin (license) We have over a dozen different koi in the pond.  Over a hundred gallons of water for each to thrive.
Cute Giftbag of Spiced Pecans ready for giving.
Star Wars Christmas Stocking DIY Craft Sewing